How to Unlock Red Mage – Final Fantasy XIV Guide


How to Unlock Red Mage – Final Fantasy XIV Guide

Just booting up Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and wanting to find the Red Mage? Then look no

BEGINNERS GUIDE FOR RED MAGE | final fantasy XIV | from 50 – 90 all core rotations and mechanics

this is job guide for red mage , with gameplay and rotations .so i just wanted to help ppl learn how to play red mage my favourite
job in ff14. so here we are in this guide i will be going through all of the skills the rotations aeo rotations all of it, but if there are some things you want to
point out that i missed leave a comment and so here are some more resource for learning this job. this is the square enix guide for skills. thank you for watching

How to Red Mage • FFXIV Stormblood RDM Guide

Going over the one of the newest classed in FFXIV Stormblood; The Red Mage.

This is a bit of a guide for the class.. pretty long winded but I cover a lot and try to teach you.. not just showcase the buttons to push.. although I do that too.


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An Idiot’s Guide to Red Mage! | FFXIV Shadowbringers | 5.55

THIS VIDEO IS OUTDATED I WILL MAKE A NEW GUIDE FOR 6.0 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I mainly want to make these guides to try and find a style for content I’d want to make in the future. Hopefully once Endwalker releases, I can redo this guide and make more for the rest of the classes! Make sure to check out my Twitch as I have been streaming my static’s progression of UCoB and more FFXIV content, and sometimes I stream other games as well. Let me know if I should make any changes and if I missed anything!
Thanks for watching!

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Pre-endwalker – I just unlocked Red Mage, what now? – FFXIV Guide

This guide is for you if you just unlocked Red Mage and have no idea what you are doing. I take you through the skills from 1-50, show you a basic rotation and teach you the fundamentals of the class. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


If you haven’t unlocked Red Mage yet, here is the quest:
Official Skill Guide:


Dual Casting
► After Casting a spell that has a cast time your next spell cast is instant.

Mana Gauges
► Use your melee combo at 80 black & white mana

Melee Combo Order:
► Corps-a-corps
► Riposte
► Zwerchau
► Redoublement
► Displacement

Single Target Magic Combo:
► (Hard Cast) Jolt – Use this to trigger Dual Cast
► Acceleration – Use this to guarantee VerStone/VerFire procs
► (Instant cast Via Dual Cast buff) VerAero – (Hard Cast) VerStone
► (Instant cast Via Dual Cast buff) VerThunder – (Hard Cast) VerFire

Tip: Never Hard Cast VerAero or VerFire. Their cast times are just too long.

AoE Target Magic Combo:

► (Hard Cast) VerThunder 2 \-(Instant cast Via Dual Cast buff) Scatter
► (Hard Cast) VerAero 2 – (Instant cast Via Dual Cast buff) Scatter
► Repeat


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