Swords – Destiny Guide


Swords – Destiny Guide

Swords are a new heavy weapon variant introduced in The Taken King. The blade of the sword is made of an elemental Light, so heavy ammo is still needed to use

Destiny 2 – The ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide

This is the ULTIMATE Destiny 2 Beginner Guide / New Player’s guide. There is a LOT of information here, from class/subclass descriptions, to weapons, to armor / weapon mods, to xur, to power leveling… it’s all here. Please subscribe 😀

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Intro
00:01:58 – The 3 Base Classes (Hunter/Titan/Warlock)
00:22:58 – Breaking down EVERY Subclass (INTRO)
00:24:00 – Solar Warlock Subclasses
00:31:45 – Arc Warlock Subclasses
00:37:52 – Void Warlock Subclasses
00:45:24 – Stasis Warlock Subclass
00:49:34 – Void Titan Subclasses
00:56:47 – Arc Titan Subclasses
01:03:59 – Solar Titan Subclasses
01:13:05 – Stasis Titan Subclass
01:18:45 – Void Hunter Subclasses
01:32:36 – Arc Hunter Subclasses
01:44:50 – Solar Hunter Subclasses
01:56:37 – Stasis Hunter Subclass
02:03:11 – Your Primary Character Stats
02:12:45 – What is Power Level?
02:24:51 – The Core Activities of Destiny
02:40:24 – The Weapon Types of the Game
03:14:38 – What are Weapon Mods?
03:31:49 – What are Exotics?
03:35:17 – Guide to Armor & Armor Mods
03:49:15 – The Economy & Materials in Destiny 2
04:00:44 – Guide to the Tower
04:16:46 – Who / Where is Xur?
04:21:02 – Helpful 3rd Party Websites

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Destiny TTK Guide – How to Get the Sword (Quest: A Broken Will)

Here is how you complete the “A Broken Will” quest and get the new Heavy weapon class SWORDS!

You have to gather 25 Fast Hadium & 10 Motes of light to complete the quest

Link to Farming guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyBVczGy_ZU

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Swords of Legends Online – Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (UI & Systems)

With the release of Swords of Legends Online, we are finally a week in and there are so.. so many questions about what certain things do in the game, how they work, etc. It’s been suggested to me to make a small guide explaining the UI, where they are, what to press and even getting into how Captain’s Assistant works. So, let’s get right into it.

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Time Stamps:
Intro: 00:00
Sponsored by BenQ: 00:28
Starting Out: 01:24
Character, Zither, PvP and Gear: 01:35
Book of Mysteries: 03:38
Pets and a Special Tip: 04:06
Astral Essence: 04:32
Skills: 05:12
Combination Tool: 05:30
Sword Master Adventures: 06:06
Log / Quest Log: 06:29
Biographies: 06:45
Crafting: 06:58
Quianku Bag: 07:11
Cooking: 07:26
Gold of the Four Seas: 07:38
Ancestral Records / Blood Ruvia / Turquoise Lantern: 07:47
Leisureland: 08:01
Companions: 08:15
Book of Aeons: 08:37
Dungeon Codex: 08:48
Cards: 8:55
Avatars: 09:01
Achievements: 09:11
Melodies of the Legends: 09:13
Books: 09:26
Collectibles: 09:39
Prestige: 09:46
PvP: 09:59
Player Card: 10:10
Recruitment / Dungeon Queue / LFG: 10:33
Alliance / Guilds: 10:53
Mentor and Apprentice: 11:02
Social / Friends List: 11:12
UI Interface and Customization: 11:18
DPS Meters, How to Redeem Codes and More: 12:24
Captain’s Assistance In-Depth Guide: 13:14
Photo Mode: 14:22
Dragonstar List: 14:40
A Special Cash Shop Customization Tip: 14:48
Final Words: 15:38
Thanks for Watching: 15:54

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Destiny 2: How to get THE LAMENT Exotic Sword! | Beyond Light

Complete Guide for the new “Lost Lament” Exotic Quest in Destiny 2: Beyond Light! This is how to get the new “The Lament” Exotic Sword!

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New #Destiny2 video, showcasing how to complete the new “Lost Lament” Exotic Quest in Destiny 2: Beyond Light (New Season 12, Season of the Hunt)! This complete exotic quest guide will go over every exotic quest step so you know how to get the new The Lament Grip Exotic Weapon! Including the Dead Exo Locations, How to complete an Exo Challenge, and how to get the Blade Pieces! #BeyondLight #Destiny2BeyondLight

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