Johnny Cage Actor Might Be Teasing Mortal Kombat 12

Johnny Cage Actor Might Be Teasing Mortal Kombat 12

Andrew Boen, the voice actor for Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat series is working out of the Warner Bros. lot and potentially teasing his next game.

Actor teaser Mortal Kombat 12 (news)

It’s worth noting that Andrew Bowen’s posting wasn’t the only thing that got fans thinking about Mortal Kombat 12. Shortly after players turned their attention en masse to the actor’s video, he deleted his post entirely. Fans awaiting the announcement of MK 12 have two thoughts on what happened. The assumption is that Andrew Bowen deleted his message either because he really leaked Mortal Kombat 12 or because he accidentally gave fans false hope for something that isn’t there. Players are hoping for the first option and think that Andrew Bowen may have actually started recording Johnny Cage’s lines from Mortal Kombat 12.

It’s worth noting that developers from NetherRealm Studios have yet to announce a Mortal Kombat 12 game. That said, it’s been more than three years since the last installment, Mortal Kombat 11, was released. It was released on April 23, 2019.

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Did The Mortal Kombat Movie SEQUAL Find Its JOHNNY CAGE Actor?!

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In this video I give my thoughts on the recent rumors on who could play Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat Sequel! Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video 🙂

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MORTAL KOMBAT 11 – Sub Zero & Liu Kang CONFIRMED! + Johnny Cage TEASED By Voice Actor!

MORTAL KOMBAT 11 – Sub Zero & Liu Kang CONFIRMED! + Johnny Cage TEASED By Voice Actor! Mortal Kombat 11’s roster just got larger after Best Buy in Canada accidentally spilled some information. It’s looking like fan favorites Liu Kang and Sub-Zero will indeed, be making an appearance inside of the MK11 roster which really, shouldn’t come off as a surprise considering the major roles they’ve played in the recent few MK games. However, it is cool to FINALLY know that indeed, this is happening. Also, it seems like Johnny Cage might be also returning. The voice actor who voiced Johnny back inside of MKX has been active on Twitter and doing a bit of teasing. Anyways, what do you all think of this? Do you think that Johnny Cage will be included alongside now leaked Sub-Zero and Liu Kang? Who else do you wanna see on the roster? Be sure to let me know inside of the comment section below! With that said, drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for everything Soul Calibur 6 & Mortal Kombat 11 related.

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Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage Voice Actor Tweets Video At WB Teasing New Project Mortal Kombat 12 Maybe?