Amiibo Effects and Unlocks – Metroid Dread Guide


Amiibo Effects and Unlocks – Metroid Dread Guide

Metroid Dread supports amiibo, which is no surprise since two Dread-based amiibo were released alongside the game. And while those two unlock two special and

Metroid Dread: E.M.M.I Amiibo

Amiibo Workshop: Baby Metroid tank

You’re not dreaming you have indeed clicked on a new episode of amiibo workshop. how you may ask? allow me to explain in the video.

Welcome back to where we come up with fun ideas to make custom amiibo
today we are making an alternate version of the baby metroid from Super Metroid and Samus Returns using 3D printed parts if you wish to follow along you can get the print files right here on thingyverse

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Music used in video:
Fighting Polygon Team 64 Super Smash Bros.
Metroid Samus Returns Music Lower Brinstar.
Metroid Dread OST – The Theme of Samus Aran.
Brinstar Depths Super Smash Bros Melee.
Super Mario Land 3 Wario land Stage Theme 1.
Super Metroid – Title screen.

Both the Metroid series and Amiibo are copyright of Nintendo.

Metroid Dread is TERRIFYING!!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this scared in a Metroid game before!
The Emmi’s in Metroid Dread are actually terrifying..
#shorts #MetroidDread #Nintendo

Nintendo’s Pay To Win Amiibo Problem | Metroid Dread Gets ANOTHER Set Of Scalpable Figures

Nintendo bad.

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